Representation Group

Our Group Consists of three different offices:

Crabbe, Brown, & James LLP

Jackson, Keller, Shook & Dern Co. LPA

Sitterley & Vandervoort LTD

How we charge:

Once Enterprise Liquids Pipeline makes you a written offer, Do not sign it. Contact us immediately. We will only charge you a 33 1/3%* of the amount you receive ABOVE THE WRITTEN OFFER YOU RECEIVE FROM ENTERPRISE.  Click here to see a copy of our fee agreement.

How our group was formed.

In 1999, when a 150 mile pipeline was being acquired to pump 80,000 gallons a day of gasoline, kerosene, diesel and jet fuel from Kenova, W.Va., to Columbus., our group members were adversaries.  Steve Davis, of the  Crabbe, Brown, & James LLP firm was working for the pipeline company acquiring the right of way, and the firms of Jackson, Keller, Shook & Dern Co. LPA, and Sitterley & Vandervoort LTD were assisting multiple affected landowners. In 2008, when the 1663 mile Rockies Express Pipeline announced it was installing a 36 inch natural gas pipeline beginning in Rio Blanco County, Colorado, and terminating in Monroe County Ohio,  Steve Davis joined forces with  Sitterley & Vandervoort LTD to help protect the affected landowners in multiple counties in Ohio.  Upon the announcement of the 1,230 mile 2011 Enterprise Liquids Pipeline, Steve Davis, & Sitterley & Vandervoort Ltd joined forces along with the Jackson, Keller, Shook & Dern Co. LPA firm to offer a legal team with outstanding depth and experience in litigation and Oil & gas pipeline negotiation.


Enterprise Pipeline Help announces relationship with Drain Tile Expert


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